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1 David E Jones commented Permalink

HI Ben, great article ..
My CICS Sysprog team has been using CICS Explorer, since its introduction, but are just now, as we upgrade CICSTS to v5.1, looking to make it available for application developers,
to exploit EP, OSGI and Websphere Liberty Profile capabilities, as well as some portions of CICS Cloud.

Coming from a, historically, mainframe-centric perspective, we’ve been grappling with the artifact management issue.
Today – a Cobol-CICS programmers adds a program to source control (in our case, CA Endevor). In addition to securing the source, Endevor manages the preparation (translate/compile/linkedit) and delivers the load module to the the initial Development-level loadlib. From that point forward, the Source code management tool, manages the migration of source (and load module) thru various stages of integration testing, quality assurance testing, performance testing, and on to production. Of course, with various controls as to who can move the resource into various stages and perform newcopy’s
We’ll likely be using CA’s Clearcase product (with its Eclipse plugin) for source management. But, from what I’m seeing, CICS Explorer’s “Export to z/OS Unix File System” is the only way to deliver of the runtime artifacts
to CICS ? Hence our Cobol-CICS load module migration paradigm does not apply.
I guess I’m just asking for confirmation of my understanding.
I.e., the source code management tool, in this arena, – will do only that: manage the source code versioning, integration, sharing, etc.
The preparation/transformation/transfer to System Z must be done with the Explorer itself .
Transfer to Development Unix file system, where development CICS platforms will access
Transfer to QA Unix file system, where QA CICS Platforms will access
Transfer to Production Unix file system, where Prod platforms will access.
Or am I missing something, here ?
David Jones

2 Ben Cox commented Permalink

RE comment 1:
David, you're right in that CICS Explorer is currently the only way to export your artifacts to zFS for use by CICS, though we can look into further, more automated methods of exporting, such as Ant tasks - please raise an RFE (https://ibm.biz/BdRS23) if this would be useful to you.
Once it's been exported to zFS, you can view an exported bundle or application as a form of load module - a binary entity that can be transported around. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the specific capabilities of Endevor or Clearcase, but they may be able to deal with these zFS entities. Just don't go trying to import an exported bundle into Explorer in order to change it - it is not guaranteed to work! Instead, keep the source projects under source control too.

3 David E Jones commented Permalink

Thanks for the response, Ben ..
yes - I understand the one-way nature of the artifact transport.
I've observed the transformations that take place, especially when dealing with APPLICATION projects that incorportate a variety of artifact types.

I'll consider submitting an RFE - once I have a better understanding of Clearcase capability.

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