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1 brian_s commented Permalink

That's awesome you figured out what happened. I hate those problems you can fix but you're not quite sure what happened in the first place.

2 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Yes, well it's only speculation, as I wasn't connected to the system myself. <div>&nbsp;</div> I only did the original migration from 5.3 to 7.1. When they had a problem with the TSM client, they couldn't update it for 7.1, so they had to roll back to 5.3 and then upgrade to 6.1. Hence the 5.3 mksysb restore. I didn't do the restore or the migration to 6.1, so all I have is what I could glean from a 10 minute phone call. <div>&nbsp;</div> My theory may be wrong, but at least it would explain all the symptoms. I think it extremely unlikely that the customer deliberately set the volume group not to baryon on reboot, and I'm sure there's no script in place to make that change.

3 dxtans commented Permalink

good work on getting to the bottom of that one. <div>&nbsp;</div> DT