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You could do it simpler one thing you missed ... :) <div>&nbsp;</div> 1. Concurrent FW upgrade to SF240_371 would take you part-way to _417 and get some important updates onto the system. <br /> 2. Use the VIOS Migration 2.x CD, not the 2.1.3 one. This one can migrate from 1.4.x without having to go to the latest 1.5.x <br /> 3. Do adapter fw upgrade after VIOS upgrade, as a failure during the upgrade phase is non-critical. You already run everything on the other VIOS. I also usually move all network and storage traffic to the remaining VIOS to reduce the error handling during VIOS reboots <br /> 4. Install latest VIOS FP and then SP and you are done. <br /> 5. At a convenient time, update system firmware disruptively.

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Thanks for those ideas. I hadn't thought of that approach, but you're quite right: far better to think of these upgrades in terms of business impact, and the concurrent firmware upgrade is a good way of doing that. <div>&nbsp;</div> On the IBM PureSystems, firmware upgrades don't require a system reboot. I wonder how far off that technology is for the rest of Power Systems. It's nice having Live Partition Mobility but maybe things would be easier if we didn't have to schedule a full system power down once a year or so, just to do a disruptive firmware upgrade. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your comments, Morten.