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1 Jim_Carstensen commented Permalink

Long time reader. I want to point out that if you do need to use splitvg to minimize time for a cold backup in a SAN-less environment, AIX is quiet happy with three mirrored copies, leaving you redundancy for your production copy even if you have one split off for backups and other needs. <div>&nbsp;</div> You're completely correct that if you lose a disk you lose your backup ability (or are going to single points of failure for production), and this can be handled much mroe gracefully on a SAN. But I'm sure there are still those supporting legacy flat-file apps that need something. <br />

2 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Thanks for keeping up with the blog. I'm always grateful to hear back from long-time readers. <div>&nbsp;</div> Very good points you make. I did only consider a two-copy mirror. I hadn't even thought of using a three-way mirror, so yes, it would keep redundancy if you could split off one of the three copies. <div>&nbsp;</div> And I'd have to agree that it's better to have something like this in place than nothing. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your comment, Jim. Very good observations.