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1 Premek commented Permalink

Hi, <br /> unfortunately due to some strange behaviour getconf does not work on some servers and returns "undefined" size of hard drive .. but luckily bootinfo -s still works <br /> Probably caused by non-IBM storage.

2 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Is that also when you use the full path name for the disk? With getconf - unlike bootinfo - you need to specify the disk directory (e.g. /dev/hdisk0). <div>&nbsp;</div> Here it is without the path: <br /> # getconf DISK_SIZE hdisk0 <br /> undefined <div>&nbsp;</div> And with the path: <br /> # getconf DISK_SIZE /dev/hdisk0 <br /> 10240 <div>&nbsp;</div> If that doesn't work, then it would be worth looking at the type of connection to the disk. Is it a path such as a PowerPath device or SDD, for example? <br />

3 Premek commented Permalink

Anthony you were right, even on non-IBM storages it works with /dev path thanks

4 Trux commented Permalink

By the way, using the new command will take me 12 additional keystrokes... so I'll probably stick to the good old bootinfo as long as it's still there! Lazy me!

5 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Yes, getconf is longer, but as it's the supported command, I still tend to use it instead of bootinfo. If you use the "apply" command, you get to list the size of all disks. <br /> apply "getconf DISK_SIZE /dev/%1" $(lsdev -c disk -F name) <br /> This article has more information about it. <br /> <br /> and this video shows it in action: <br /> - Anthony

6 Trux commented Permalink

Still unconvinced about the number of keys to press... but happy to meet the apply command. <br /> In so many years of AIX and shells I've never heard about it and instead it seems to have plenty of uses! <br /> Thanks a lot! <br /> Well about the getconf, I guess I'll simply, slowly, adopt it...