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1 exsnafu commented Permalink

the promise is always automation, the deliverable is always a new set of challenges. <div>&nbsp;</div> I've seen a little bit on this technology and it looks.. interesting, my impression is that it'll reduce physical deployment complexities through consolidation and enable better management of resources using new features on existing tools.. ISD/SDMC.. ultimately making it easier for shops like ours to integrate Power into infrastructure automation and when you have automation.. you have your building blocks for cloud, for us anyways. that is if this is the same thing that i saw.. had a different code name at the time. <div>&nbsp;</div> the thing is, automating such things hardly ever happens without a lot of blood, sweat and tears. we've recently begun implementing cisco UCS blade systems on the x86 side of the house; it's tightly integrated, truly "converged" infrastructure that allows us to virtually configure physical resources for both rack and blade servers using profiles, API calls, java based UI's, good stuff... this allows us to take automation down to the datacenter rack level. add this under the automation we already have for ESX cluster config/deployment, which already sits under OS deployment orchestration, which already sits under our middleware deployment orchestration and viola, we've got cloudy provisioning! <div>&nbsp;</div> for us, time spent in engineering is shifting from manually configuring compute stacks during a new projects to automating it all, start to finish.. and we're maybe 85% the way thereon the x86 side, but we still have more or less the same core group of engineers, busier than ever.. they're just focused on new sets of problems, new challenges.. their skill sets are morphing from being cmd line hero's to API aficionados. IT never stops, there is always some new technology to integrate into our automation, always some new feature the business wants in our private cloud infrastructure buzzspeak.. <div>&nbsp;</div> IBM offers lots of features which translate into *lots* of complexity and usually, it's the last platform we target for automation work because quite frankly, it's the most complex and unwieldy. i wonder if this new system isn't an attempt to address some of that. guess we'll see

2 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Thanks for your comments and relating your experience of the Cisco UCS. We'll see what these new pre-integrated, optimised solutions bring. One of the promises is a simplified experience, and that claim couldn't only apply to initial deployment. But as you say, we'll see what's in store when the rubber hits the road.