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1 brian_s commented Permalink

That's my favorite thing about the HMC - don't have to patch it in the middle of the night or on the weekend :)

2 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

And if you do decide to do it over the weekend, you can do it remotely from your yacht on Sydney Harbour as you're sailing past the Opera House. <br />

3 FPLAZAVI commented Permalink

Hi, about the Yacht ... do you have wifi of GPRS ? .... ;-) <div>&nbsp;</div> The question: How often do you recommended reboot the HMC ...? <div>&nbsp;</div> Fernando

4 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Hopefully I can sail close enough to other boats that have WI-FI. <div>&nbsp;</div> As for rebooting the HMC, I only see the need to do that when it's being upgraded or in the rare event that it somehow locks up or crashes. As it's a closed system, it really ought to be very stable and shouldn't need a reboot to clean out the cobwebs. But at least if you do reboot it, you don't have to worry about kicking out users on the LPARs. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your comment. <div>&nbsp;</div> Anthony