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1 Sameena.arshi commented Permalink

Can we migrate from Veritas File system VxFS to AIX JFS2 File System? Please respond to it, Urgent need of info

2 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

I don't think you could convert a Veritas VxFS to JFS2, but you could create new JFS2 file systems and migrate the data, for example through database utilities or an OS copy. Worth a support call to IBM.

3 nostrum commented Permalink

I just have one question. If I set "Allow internal snapshot" as yes during JFS2 file system creation, how can I make use of these internal snapshot later? Will AIX itself be responsible for these JFS2 file systems recovery by using the internal snapshot automatically?

4 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

JFS2 snapshots are not automatic. Of course you can schedule them via the cron. <div>&nbsp;</div> For a good overview of snapshots, see Chris Gibson's developerWorks article <div>&nbsp;</div> It was written for AIX 6.1, but applies just as well for 7.1. <div>&nbsp;</div>

5 nostrum commented Permalink

I just read Chris Gibson's JFS2 snapshot article you recommended. It's useful and answers all my questions. Thank you very much, AnthonyEnglish! :-)

6 venkatesh@ commented Permalink

is it log information consists any data or size <br />

7 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Hi Venkatesh, <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm not sure I understand what you're asking, but you might find this article on file system journalling relevant: <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for swinging by the blog, <div>&nbsp;</div> Anthony

8 AliHaidar commented Permalink

Hello AnthonyEnglish. Pls help me out on <br /> 1. Difference between jfs2 and lv <br /> 2. Difference between creating a jfs2 from smit fs fastpath and a logical volume from smit lv fastpath. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks. <div>&nbsp;</div>