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This is great information. <br /> <p><br /> I just want to make sure people realize that recording workflow instances adds a performance hit to the system. The hit is both to the execution speed of the workflow being run and to the system in general due to added load on the database that is required to record the instances as they are executing. It is recommended that workflow instance recording be restricted to development/test systems. Workflow instance recording is not recommended for production systems.<br /> </p> <br /> <p><br /> If you find that you need to check the operation of a workflow in a production system (and even for development and test), try using the Platform Logging option to record workflow trace information (use the 'Start, End, Steps' option in most cases). With this option enabled, information about every workflow step executed will be logged to the server.log file on the server the workflow executed on. This method does not provide the visual view of the workflow, but it can provide additional insight into the workflow execution (since the logging is in context with other platform operations that might log information). This logging does not incur nearly the performance hit that enabling workflow instance recording does (just monitor the log files to assure that server disk space is not impacted).<br /> </p>