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1 Brad_Van_Surksum commented Permalink

What OS is in the Cloud instance? Is Windows Server 2008 Standard SP1 with R2 (64 bit) a valid choice?

2 Brad_Van_Surksum commented Permalink

The instance OS choice is dictated by the template. When I asked the question above I was making a new instance without a template thinking I could add the template later. That is not the case. You need to start with the template and it will reside in a new instance. After choosing the template you will be guided through the instance choices that are available based on the template.

3 Brad_Van_Surksum commented Permalink

Also, v1.2 of the template works well with the minimum configuration once the startup is done. Although as of yesterday I see 1.3 is available, not sure there is a path for me to get that update in my current instance.

I thought the support for SoftLayer is quite responsive and competent.

4 PaulMacAlpine commented Permalink

Sorry for the delay in responding. I'm glad you were able to get help from the SoftLayer team. There is no way to update to a newer template, except to create a new instance. The 1.3 update is rather minor, and mostly just addresses some issues with the OS user's password expiring. If you are in a position to do so, you can delete your current instance and create a new instance. Otherwise, the update isn't a big deal and can be ignored.

5 TimMorgan commented Permalink

I went through the entire process so I would understand it completely. Here are my experiences---your mileage may vary :-).

First, Step 1 sort of implies that you'll be able to run the Case Manager instance completely free. The actuality is that the use of the Case Manager software installed in the image is available currently for use for free on Softlayer. Separately, Softlayer is offering a trial of a minimal instance size for one month for free, but you can't use that to run Case Manager since this template requires a much beefier instance size.
I talked with Softlayer Support and told them I wanted to open an account in order to run one of their public instances and asked how to open an account on line. They sent me a link to a form asking me to specify how many cores, how much RAM, etc. I asked, "Can't I open an account WITHOUT running an instance, since I want to choose a public image to run?" No, there's no way to do that, they said. So I asked, "Then can I sign up for the free instance [following the link in Step 1 above], then once I'm on, stop it and then start up an instance of what I really want to run?" Yes, that would work, they said. So I followed that procedure. HOWEVER, once I got logged in, the free instance I'd supposedly signed up for was not in fact running, as far as I could see.
I then followed the rest of the steps to create my instance. They worked as advertised, except that Step 6c says to specify local storage, and the only choice I was offered in the web UI was 100 GB of iSCSI (SAN) storage. I don't know if that is because of something about the image or how it was created, or if it's always that way when creating an instance from a template, but I can confirm that proceeding with that choice worked. It was then about 70 minutes until my instance was running. The Administrator password is apparently generated randomly by Softlayer, as it was available in the instance details once it was running. Using that, I was able to log in using Remote Desktop. It then took about 30 more minutes to complete the P8 installation and boot up, once I OK'd the license agreement and entered a password for the P8Admin user.

6 Patrick van der Horst commented Permalink

On the SmartCloud instance the Industry templates for Credit Card Dispute and Auto Claims were initially installed, are they available also on the SoftLayer image?

7 Laurent Dubois commented Permalink

There is no templates installed with this image.

8 Laurent Dubois commented Permalink

regarding the instance provisioning and the storage settings, the softlayer portal UI has been changed a few times recently and even though the only option available is 100GB SAN, the instance being provisioned will end up with a 100GB local storage.
I'm suspecting a bug/mislabeling issue in the portal and will report that issue to the softlayer support team.

9 Laurent Dubois commented Permalink

Sorry, I should have checked the portal one more time before posting my previous comment.
It looks like the storage options have been fixed now and you can see 2 options (100GB local and 100GB SAN) for the first disk.

10 Laurent Dubois commented Permalink

Just a quick comment to clarify the cost section in this blog entry.
It should read like this:
- Instance compute resource and Operating System image charges are available as pay-as-you-go for as little as $0.50/hour.
- No License cost for IBM ECM Platform for non-production use

11 Victor F commented Permalink

When will a 5.2.1 Image be available? Is Tim Morgan's description of the process still correct that to create an account you have to create a sever instance that you do not want to use? Then shut down the useless image to find the ICM Image?

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