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I strongly feel RMS is right in terms of privacy, data control and defenseless resulting in lack of freedom, but with the advent of open cloud if all this questions are answered then it would be a different world all together, a great man like RMS with such an insight of freedom for these many year will never yammer, it will always have a strong philosophy behind, though which may take years for common man to realize!

Just because a technology is growing fast, it might not tell as anything we soon till one gets trapped and sinked in it, then it would be too late for an individual to recover, with the information ear, we know how many so called *big* companies are stealing our data and we have also seen many issues on privacy leak, but its too late now as they already have tons of data about us, some day this may become the case with cloud is what saint saint ignucius is preaching us :)

2 PraveenRamC commented Permalink

Everyone will agree that security is major problem in the cloud. Even if the data is going to reside in my system(PC) there exist a potential security threat. But we are not bothering about it because we have a more secured way of protecting our data.

Whatever the situation is, security issues will be continuing to exist. This security issues help us to develop more secured system in cloud, as a result at one point in time we will not worry about the security threats in cloud.
regarding open source in cloud, open source community must come out with a new set of ideas. and i'll be happy if i'm a part of it.