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1 somiz comentou às Link permanente

I'm sure this would greatly benefit a lot of customers who use Domino apps and have over the years waited for something like this. Sounds exciting for sure :-)

2 Ranjit Rai comentou às Link permanente

This is great ! NBP seems pretty useful, integration with iNotes is "Jewel in the crown".

3 MC64_Jitendra_Kumar comentou às Link permanente

Great !! This would be highly usable and make applications flexible by eliminating the notes client dependency.

4 Priyanka_0104 comentou às Link permanente

Glad to know that all of you find value in this great innovation from IBM!! Will be great to have more customers move to browser based mail and application access and derive maximum benefit out of it :)

5 s.d.dongre comentou às Link permanente

Glad to see interest in NBP form you guys, keep tuned in, we have loads of stuff in the pipeline that will make iNotes + NBP a viable and rich alternative to the Notes client. Also keep your ideas coming in, helps us decide what goes in first....!

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