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1 gavmgaurav commented Permalink

Hello Siddhartha,

As far as Xpages is concerned it is really a nice tool for Rapid Application Development.
Few days back i was not knowing anything about xpages but when i participated in Code a Thon event held in mumbai then i understand the real power of XPages. In just 15 hours we have developed a Workflow Engine which is really a very less time to develope this much big application.

2 aneesh commented Permalink

Hi Siddhartha,
Lotus Domino market is not gone completely, there are still large number of organization who have their legacy system in lotus notes and it is also true that few of them are planning to migrate from Lotus Notes to other platforms.

But, Real Question here is do they really need to migrate their application to other platform or simply upgrade it to XPages, i would agree that it took some time for XPages to evolve... but it evolved greatly. As a Developer i would say today XPages is one of the best platform to rapid development of Web 2.0 application powered by Java and with the introduction to Domino Extension Library it has become more easy to develop great UIs, reports with RDBMS integration and social platform integration in just few clicks which i am sure still a time consuming task for other development platforms.
And yes, as Gaurav ( @gavmgaurav ) mentioned XPages code-a-thon even has helped developers to understand the real power of this platform (even i was a participant of this event ) and develop fully functional application in just 15 hrs with planning and bunch of stranger... A good example to explain the power of XPages.

3 dhirender commented Permalink

Siddhartha, I am sure you would find the two apps that came out from the Code-a-thon pretty interesting. And you could connect with the teams as well. I am sure they would have a lot of interesting experiences to share.
The Social eRecruiter app (http://ibm.co/zf0M9n) and the Application workflow engine (http://ibm.co/zDMbXl).

4 Naveen Maurya commented Permalink

Hi Siddhartha,

First of all thanks for taking the view point of Lotus Notes developers in India! :)
For sure IBM was a bit late for improving Lotus Notes platform and now it is actually playing catch up with other competitors, just like Internet Explorer... :) But the improvements made have been pretty good (better than the improvements in IE), especially integrating it open source initiative like Eclipse which enabled other developers extend and build new applications on it.
But the things that worries me the most is that organizations really aren't moving to 8.5. In the just concluded Lotusphere 2012, I overheard in a discussion that organizations are still on Lotus Notes / Domino 7, for which support has ended for quite some time now. If they don't upgrade then all the improvements in Lotus Notes would never reach them. Why aren't they upgrading? Probably that's the question we should be asking.
With respect to XPages, finally something really exciting. With new features being added frequently its turning out to be a great platform for developers. I just hope this continues at even more rapid pace.
Naveen Maurya

5 YogeshKLotus commented Permalink

Dear Siddhartha,

Thanks for your entry on the developer forum.
As it is defined that Lotus Domino is a complete collaborative suite to make a collaborative Environment in an organization. The current benefits with the Power of Lotus Symphony free of cost.
Still there are some organizations which are working on the old platform of Lotus, and ready to move on Latest version of Domino. As many organization is ready to move on Web 2.0 Standard with (Collaboration/Wiki/Community etc), so those are keen to move on Domino 8.5.x to get the benefits of Xpage and all other features.
Some keen feature of Xpage:
Web 2.0 Standards.
Social Collaboration development Environment.
Rich feature of RSS Feeds.
Easy to Develop Web services/consuming web services.
Implementation of RDBMS concept in Notes storage format.
Fully compatible with any Platforms (WIN/Linux/MAC/AIX etc).
Mobility Solution developed with Xpage Extended Lib (Android/Blackberry/Nokia symbian etc).
Best Beauty of Extension Library of XPages on Domino 8.5.x.
And Yes, I am also a lucky participant of that team, developed a XPages fully integrated Application in 15 hours with planning and coordination of all unknown participant.

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