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Not really sure, what you're asking.
To get info on the physical size and usage issue 'onstat -l'
The first part of the output looks like this:
IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.70.FC4 -- On-Line -- Up 00:00:14 -- 267340 Kbytes

Physical Logging
Buffer bufused bufsize numpages numwrits pages/io
P-2 26 32 4 2 2.00
phybegin physize phypos phyused %used
1:263 12500 3790 26 0.21
The last line tells you, that the physical log is in dbspace number 1 (1:263).
The size is 12500 pages and 26 pages are used.
To find the name of the dbspace and pagesize issue 'onstat -d' (1 is usually rootdbs).
If the size of the physical log file is to small, you will find messages in the online.log
You can change size and dbspace with the onparams utility

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