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Here is my 2 cents worth: I keep my profile picture consistent. If you follow me on twitter, are my Facebook friend, LinkedIn with me, or in My dW network, you will see the same profile picture of me. For my social goals, consistency is king. I consider my profile picture a form of micro-branding... so the profile photo itself is not as important as its consistent usage to establish a social micro-brand.

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Yep, I think it is important to keep the photo/image used consistent across networks. It's kinda like your "logo" :-)

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Okay, immediate crackup on the photo - for anyone who doesn't know, that's Mike Myers doing "Coffee Talk" on Saturday Night Live. Just throwing this out there for cross-cultural reference!

I love to see someone's photo. It helps me feel connected with them in some way and feel like an actual human wrote what I'm reading. I like that. On the flip side, I don't like many photos of myself and the tiny ones look even weirder, and I need to update my profile pages on My developerWorks too, but I digress...

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Relevance is key here. Depending on the site, I would upload the profile pic accordingly. I definitely won't be putting my pet's photo on LinkedIn, but if it's Facebook - yeah why not! And if there's a slight variation of my photo, I wouldn't mind changing my profile pic on My dW just to reach out to my audience with the changing looks. Bottom line, having a relevant photo makes the reader connect with the author more easily than one without.

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Author Photo = Super Important. And the look / style is important based on where that profile is displayed: conference, blog, social network, presentation, badge or whatever else. It really bugs me when people don't use their Photo in Bluepages now. In any case, I think the style is key and can be modified from time to time to show personality. So long as your identity is represented properly for the audience. This is really up to the Author's discretion. Personal Branding is just that. Personal. Okay I'm rambling now. - Off to get a coffee. Talk among yourselves.

P.s. Avatar ribbons and overlays are a cool way to jazz up an overwise boring or stale Profile photo to show off a cause, event or group affiliation.
P.p.s. I need a hip Avatar for my SXSW badge. Any ideas?

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Sometimes, it's the picture of the person writing the blog post or the tweet that makes me decide whether to read it. That probably sounds terrible -- something akin to judging a book by its cover and all those other things you're not supposed to do.

But to be honest, if I'm waffling about whether to read something -- and who has time to read everything? -- and the photo reveals a person who seems friendly, approachable, and interesting, I'll go ahead and read the post or the tweet. Of course the photo is not the only factor I consider in that split second when I decide whether to read or surf on, but a clear photo and a pleasant expression go a long way to win me over.

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@raboyles I agree. Completely about personal branding.

@Robin L - What about the people who use pictures of their pets, kids, caricature on this site? You said you like a pleasant open face that will draw you in, in the split nanosecond you use to make your decision to read or not.
Should this site be considered more of a "professional" network (ala LinkedIn), vs a purely "social" networks (FB)? Would you like to see the photos used on My developerWorks used as the author photos in content - to have that visual link? If you saw an editor was a pet, a baby, would that make what they wrote have any less importance?

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