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1 FrancesP commented Permalink

Constructive criticism to your blog post.... You captured the essence of your feelings, perhaps next time you can name names :=)

2 VictoriaO commented Permalink

All sample opinions referenced in this blog post are fictitious. Any resemblance to a real persons' opinion, living or dead, is purely coincidental. ;)

THANK YOU for such constructive feedback. I will take that into consideration for next time. :D

3 bobleah commented Permalink

Ha! I'm reading this blog entry and thinking... did I say that to Tori? But seriously, as part of a design team, your observations really resonate well. Nothing like putting in weeks on a design only to hear feedback such as: "Needs more snap" or "Can you make it more compelling?". This is especially frustrating when this feedback is combined with corporate guidelines to follow!

4 thartric commented Permalink

... and I'm sure you hear... "I'll know it's right when I see it!"

5 VictoriaO commented Permalink

And that, @Tom, is the WORST thing a designer can hear. ; )

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