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1 robinlangford commented Permalink

Victoria, I've been eager to see this photo ever since you told me about it! Really funny. Great post, by the way. I just wish I could give it 5 stars, instead of just one. I'm so glad you're blogging! I have something good to look forward to on Wednesdays now.

2 vskinner commented Permalink

Hilarious!!!! You need to send this into Consumer Reports. I always turn to the back page where they list these types of funny things.

3 amidewar commented Permalink

This sounds like something Jay Leno would put on a board and make fun of. But this is the lesson of my life. I am always too quick to do things and inadvertently miss a detail. My mom always used to harass me about that but somethings never change.

4 VictoriaO commented Permalink

I love finding things like this... especially when they're glaring!!

@Ami - And those bits on Jay are very funny! And it goes to show you that moms are ALWAYS right, and since you are one... :)
@Valerie - I didn't know that! I just might do that.
@Robin - you are too kind. Thank you so much!!

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