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1 Laurawithsoal commented Permalink

I am an IT recruiter based in Austin, TX and we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to help them find experienced IBMers with contract opportunities all around the United States. I just happened to stumble accross this website and am not sure if this is the place or if I am able to start my own "community" on this site for open contract positions. <div>&nbsp;</div> If able to post these open contract positions on this website, this would narrow down my searches for ex or current IBMers that are interested in other opportunities. Not to mention, alleviate all those emails and phone calls you receive from the various recruiting firms on a daily basis! <div>&nbsp;</div> If this is allowable on this website, please let me know where you prefer that I post the IBM positions. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you so much for your time and consideration!