Iamaware is an application, patent pending, focused on giving managers a single pane allowing them to view the status of an IAM framework from end to end. This helps with troubleshooting, spotting bottlenecks before they become an issue, number of requests, number in queue, etc. Currently, when managing an IAM framework using the native tools, you have to look system by system, server by server. iamaware gives one screen to see all of it. With iamaware, different types of managers and administrators will each have their own dashboard view of the IAM framework. As an example, a Security Administrator will be interested in different measures than an IAM Administrator, each will have their own dashboard showing the metrics that they need for their role. A Business Manager may have yet another dashboard, perhaps showing the number of new customers provisioned to an external facing solution, that might not be needed by the others. The views can be customized to give users the information they need.

iamaware supports all of the IAM and Governance tools from IBM. Tools from other vendors are also supported.

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