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1 MarcValencia commented Permalink

Hi Oskar, <br /> I hope all is well :). I am trying to implement this solution, however, I am running in to an error when running the Impact policy from with in the policy editor. When i run the policy the following error is logged, <div>&nbsp;</div> 24 Apr 2013 14:43:12,086: [ITMFunctionsCaller][pool-1-thread-17943]Caused by: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Content is not allowed in prolog. <div>&nbsp;</div> Nothing gets returned, I do not see anything in the policy logger log files or the policy log file except for that error. <div>&nbsp;</div> I am running Impact 6.1 (no fix packs) on a Linux system. Is this a known issue? Or did I not set this up correctly? I followed the steps in the "NCI send messages to ITM" pdf. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks! <div>&nbsp;</div> Marc

2 Oskar Zinger commented Permalink

Hi Marc - <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the comment! We have missed to state in the document that "Impact 6.1 FP2" is the minimum software level for this integration. We will update the document and re-post version 1.1 of the document. If you will be using "Impact 6.1.1" then this integration will work out of the box in the GA level code. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <br /> Oskar

3 MarcValencia commented Permalink

Thank you very much Oskar :). This is definitely the problem i am seeing. Cheers

4 Oskar Zinger commented Permalink

Thank you Marc - the new version 1.1 of the document has been posted.