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1 kgibm commented Permalink

On 1(b), it's useful to note that the size of the non-paged pool is reduced when using the /3GB mode and that there is a perfmon counter to monitor this: Memory\Pool Nonpaged Bytes. It is also possible (although not likely) that there is a nonpaged pool leak for which there is the poolmon tool.

2 HansVerschoor2 commented Permalink

I have bad news for you, and me .... The spurious "Connection Reset" just happens, mostly in the midst of an established TCP dialog based session. I'm convinced of that and TMO this nasty bug in Java's TCP implementation is the reason for a lot of trouble. Just Google and look at numerous stack traces people include in their post in various forums where you will see the infamous "Connection Reset" most of the time for no reason at all. BTW: I wrote test software reproducing this bug over and over again.

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