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1 EndtoEnd commented Permalink

Very good !!!
Q 1
Please not clear what your primary node (p6lpar11) or (p6lpar12). ?

Q 2
The upgrade to 7.1.3 first from lpar (p6lpar12)?
thank you very much

2 StuCunliffe commented Trackback

Hi EndtoEnd,
primary node is p6lpar11, fyi clRGinfo always lists the nodes in priority order.

in my example yes. Doing a rolling upgrade so standby LPAR first, in this case p6lpar12

3 EndtoEnd commented Permalink

Teacher Thank !

VLANID 3358 for the 7.1.3 / Storage Framework Sfwcomxxx "still exist " that does not change ?

4 nramesh233 commented Permalink

Simple & Straight Question !!
I'm doing fresh installation of 7.1.3, If I select UNICAST
Do I need to inform to Network team to provide IP for Unicast?

How Unicast works in Power HA cluster if N/w team is not required ..