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1 cmw.osdude commented Permalink

This is a challenging issue. I use Amazon for a lot of my shopping, and I enjoy the fact that it presents me better options based on my usage. I might wish to permit some level of interaction with Amazon because of my personal habits. I would probably also allow more interaction with other services I use like Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Pinteret, Google, to make those interactions more robust.

However, I don't think I would want any of that happening without my knowledge or permission. There is a spookiness to all of this Big Data handling which is valid. However, there is a lot of potential benefit as well. What if people could not waste as much time creating things that work contrary to what people really need or want? Right now the R & D for some things is pretty painstaking... and easily flawed if you pull from the wrong set of information.
There needs to be an opt-in combined with the ability to control what information is collected and a level of anonymizing. I think a balance is possible.

2 Himanshuz.chd commented Permalink

There exists an option to control online search results but it's more of a binary control ie either the feature can be ON or OFF.