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1 KubaSuchy commented Permalink

Hello, thanks for useful information. I've been struggling with displaying status values in table or list widgets using data from Netcool Impact. Could you please provide some hints on how to produce datasets with Status objects from the Netcool Impact data provider? Impact documentation is quite specific in examples on how to display data from Impact using topolgy widget (e.g. UITreeNodeStatus="Warning"), but I couldn't find information on how to construct objects to display using other widgets such as list, table etc. and have correct status displayed. Thanks in advance for any help, Jakub

2 aasinha1 commented Permalink

Hi Jakub <br /> As mentioned, Status objects may or may not be available in the dataset. So in your case it depends on Netcool Impact if they have a particular dataset available which provides that specific status object. <br /> Also, I would like to know if you are just using the available datasets under Netcool or writing something by yourself?

3 KubaSuchy commented Permalink

There are no default Impact datasets containing status object, that is why I'm trying to figure out how to produce one. Yes, I'm trying to create custom integration demo myself. I just don't know how the status object must look like.

4 Yasser_Abduallah commented Permalink

The Status (and also Percentage) data type is not support in Impact 6.1.1 GA. As a result, Status field (object) can not be used in table, tree, or list widgets