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1 Bheemanagouda commented Permalink

Hi Team, <br /> Really these topic helps me to set the session time out for the Dashboard console. <br /> special thanks to Gaurav help me out in this topic. <div>&nbsp;</div> Note: I am using JAZZSM 1.1 this version doesn't have the Session time out task, so for that i have installed the DASH Session time out task bundle which i have got from Gaurav and then i got in the administration console for executing the task. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards! <br /> Bheemanagouda patil

2 gauravgupta27 commented Permalink

Hi Bheemanagouda, <br /> Happy to help you. The task for performing the above configuration (configure DASH session timeout) is available as the part of Jazz for Service Management Version under Administration Services. There are tasks also available for various DASH configuration/administration scenarios, which can simplify the job around DASH configuration/administrations. <br /> Cheers !