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The standardization of JSON for linked data representations has some history, so I want to be as clear as possible about this. The MIME type "application/json" just says "it's JSON", which is not especially useful for Linked Data - it does not tell you which variant. A *generic* client, by which I mean a client programmed to operate against *any* JSON data provider rather than specifically against JazzSM's Registry Services, would have no way to know how to convert the response into RDF (if that was its desire; such a client would not even know that this provider's JSON *could* be converted to RDF). <div>&nbsp;</div> From the example, I suspect the primary audience for this is *OSLC* clients coded to assume "application/json" maps to the OSLC JSON representation format defined at;up=#Guidelines_for_JSON <br /> That's fine, but it's an important distinction because it's not information that client code could get off the wire interface. <div>&nbsp;</div> Other JSON serializations of RDF exist, and a server *could* serve these formats with a media type of application/json too although that is unlikely in practice. <br /> - JSON-LD is currently a W3C Candidate Recommendation which defines a MIME type of "application/ld+json" <br /> - RDF-JSON is currently a W3C Editor's draft It says up front to use JSON-LD instead; RDF-JSON defines a media type of "application/rdf+json"