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1 RogerSnook commented Permalink

Here were some comments from the chat during Part 1:

Roger C Snook (IBM) to All 9:12 AM 
This is the "I want to run an Agile Project" video - funny unfortunate reality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u5N00ApR_k
Roger C Snook (IBM) to All 9:13 AM 
And the related developerWorks group "Agile Transformation" community:
Roger C Snook (IBM) to All 9:14 AM 
Ken uses RAD during his work day, but is showing only Eclipse in this session.
Sean Evoy (IBM) to All 9:14 AM 
RAD has some enhancements to JUnit. Here are some articles on RAD/JUnit
Jean-Louis Marechaux (IBM) to All 9:39 AM 
The RAD V8.0 RedBook has an entire chapter on jUnit and testing:
and also provides a sample project and the step-by-step instructions to experiment the various RAD unit testing capabilities.
Jean-Louis Marechaux (IBM) to All 9:55 AM 
A while back, I was on a project were I believe we were using

2 DougBreaux commented Permalink

Any reason not to embed the Youtube videos here in the post?

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