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1 LRamkumar commented Permalink


This is a great article!
I am trying to add spec values as part of addProductInstance transaction from BPM. When I pass a CDATA with embedded data containing < and >, BPM tries to replace them with < and >. Eventually throws error in MDM when it reads this data. I used the escape character as well, but doesnt seem to work though. Any thoughts here?

2 tgarrard commented Permalink

You shouldn't need to escape any data. There are 2 ways to inject xml into Products and this is dependent on you configuration. (see the name
/IBM/DWLCommonServices/SpecValue/useEmbeddedSpecValueInResponse/enabled in your ConfigElements table)

1. Using the AttributeValueBObj's SpecValueXML (if above config is set to true). In this case you will probably need to modify the BPM Business Object SpecValueXML to include the data types you need for your spec
2. Using the AttributeValueBObj's value. This is a string, but as BPM always sets the value of an attribute within a CDATA section, this should already be done for you.