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Great blog.

Here is something that helped me get to a successful typical install on Windows.
The typical install needs there to be no db2 installed on the system. In order to get rid of an existing DB2 I did the following :
1) Stop and DB2 services
2) Uninstall DB2
3) Delete any database files that you created
4) Delete the DB2 install folder that still exists
5) Delete the the SQLLIB folders
6) Delete the PSK8 folders in program files and program files (x86)
7) Remove the db2admin user from the system
When I only performed the first 5 steps, the typical install failed.

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Great article.... I was able to install MDM11 in no time.

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Glad you found it useful. Fyi, I've just created a new Wiki page to collect MDM v11 installation resources, including a follow-up blog post on installing an MDM v11 development environment manually...

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I attempted to install MDM v11 on Oracle DataBase and WAS 8.5x Base edition (on Windows 7 enterprise) and encountered the error as described in the APAR below.
What is the part # for the MDM v11 refresh as mentioned in the article ?

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If you're trying to use Oracle, the typical install is not an option- there's a more recent post for manually installing a development and test environment which should help- I'll update this post with a link. The part numbers in both posts should already be for the refresh. You can double check by having a look at the version numbers in installation manager (you'll need to select the option to show internal versions on the Appearance preference page). The refresh versions end with 20131005-0518.

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1. Even If the Database is Oracle, can't I still use the Installation Manager for the Install provided that I have Installed the Oracle DB server and Database prior to executing Installation Manager?
2. This question is related to the BLAs installed on the MDM server. If I am not planning to use Web Services to execute transactions on the MDM operational server, can the following BLAs be disabled (in WAS admin console)

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You use Installation Manager in both cases, but a typical install is more restricted, requires less pre-install configuration and has fewer configuration panels during the install. I think it's worth asking the question on disabling BLAs on the MDM forum -

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