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Unfortunately, the pricing on this product is not "scoped to single z/OS systems". I wish it were as it appears to be a very nice tool.

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IBM Automation Control for z/OS is a very flexible automation solution for z/OS environments, in particular z/OS Monoplex installations. It is difficult to make a general statement on the product price, because it depends on a multitude of parameters, which are different for each z/OS installation. The product pricing approach provides various options and needs to be figured out for a concrete z/OS environment. I offer any help (in close cooperation with IBM sales) to tailor a suitable solution based on your requirements. <div>&nbsp;</div> Kind regards, <br /> Uwe Gramm <div>&nbsp;</div> Senior Product Manager <br /> Tivoli z Automation &amp; NetView <br /> IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure <br />

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You are absolutely correct Uwe. I have a small monoplex and we've never purchased Tivoli SA for z/OS because of its price. When Automation Control was annouced we were excited that perhaps we could get the functions of SA in a smaller package. We asked for a price and it was almost as much as SA for z/OS for our shop. It seems to me that this makes one wonder why not just buy SA for z/OS instead of the smaller version if it is going to be similar in price.

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Betsy, <div>&nbsp;</div> I suggest to work with you directly to evaluate all options we have. It is important to better understand your system environment to see what is the best solution for you. If you are interested, would you send me an e-mail? <br /> My e-mail address is: <div>&nbsp;</div> Kind regards, <div>&nbsp;</div> Uwe Gramm <br /> Product Manager, Tivoli z Automation &amp; NetView