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1 JeroenTiggelman commented Permalink

The custom event properties that can be added to the QRadar SIEM UI as described above have been made available "out of the box" in QRadar SIEM 7.0 MR5 Patch 3 (October 9, 2012). <div>&nbsp;</div> Note that they are not yet currently available "out of the box" for QRadar SIEM 7.1 (October 2, 2012).

2 JeroenTiggelman commented Permalink

zSecure Audit 1.13.1 offers additional detail beyond the initial release described above, particularly in the areas of ACF2 and z/OS UNIX. <div>&nbsp;</div> Provided you have the autoupdate feature enabled, QRadar SIEM should be upgrading the associated advanced ACF2 DSM without further action. <div>&nbsp;</div> Additional custom event properties can be defined.