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1 JohnArnesen commented Permalink

I forgot to say that the INGCNTL command does not survive a recycle so it will have to be issued each time the Agent is started. <br /> You can do this by adding a auxInitCmd to your CNMSTGEN/CNMSTUSR like this: <br /> AUXINITCMD.SACMDLOG= INGCNTL SET COMMAND_LOGGING=YES <div>&nbsp;</div> That way the INGCNTL command will be run each time the Agent is initialized. <br /> John

2 prashantrm commented Permalink

Hi John, <div>&nbsp;</div> This question is out of this topics' context,but could you please let me know if there is any reference document for SA specific to WebSphere Application server(v7/v8) on z/OS.Tried searching on various IBM sites but still no luck so far. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks <br /> Prashant

3 JohnArnesen commented Permalink

Hello Prashant, <br /> Can you tell me a little more about what you are trying to do with Websphere and System Automation? <br /> Are you asking about SA on a distributed platform or on a z/OS platform? <br /> Are you looking to control Websphere (start/stop/monitor) or use it for something else. <div>&nbsp;</div> Give me some more information and I will see what I can find out. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <br /> John

4 prashantrm commented Permalink

Hi John, <div>&nbsp;</div> We are trying to setup SA for WebSphere(start/stop/monitor) on z/OS platform.Currently we have allowed SA to control the Daemon only,and not the servers as it is managed by WebSphere internally.So I was wondering if there is any best practices that we can follow to implement SA specific to WebSphere App server on z/OS. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks <br /> Prashant

5 HUG commented Permalink

Hi Prashant, <br /> maybe it is worthwhile to have a look at the shipped *WEBSPHERE Add-on Sample Policy, it describes a basic WebSphere V7.0 environment. <br /> Hope this helps. <br /> Regards, Hans