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1 thomas.quadflieg commented Permalink

Hi Josi,
the more I see of the "own dashboard" functionality, the more I love it. I think we'll build several nice views for our operators.
Do you have a hint where to find good docs or even a tutorial to get familiar with all possible functions regarding own dashboard creating? Maybe you also could think of a workshop "how to create your own dashboards" at EOTC 2014 ;-)

2 thomas.quadflieg commented Permalink

I tested the "own dashboard" functionality and I'm really enthusiastic. What a great feature!
First, I thought, that it would be complicated to create own views. But after 20 minutes of "try and error" I was able to create a great view. It's so simple and gives us the opportunity to fulfill lots of requirements! I think together with the new Web 2.0 technology and multiselection this will be a milestone in AppMan evolution.

3 WolfgangSchäberle commented Permalink

Hi Thomas,

thanks for your nice words. This is very encouraging!
I think we should also have some platform to share ideas for new custom dashboards.
Ideas are numerous... Things like:
- A page to view per domain all resources with requests.
- A page to view per node all resources which are currently online on this node.
Cheers, Wolfgang

4 BerndJostmeyer commented Permalink

HI Thomas,
your suggestion to create a workshop was already anticipated ;) - see you on EOTC.... Once we have material - we are also thinking about sharing it here or as video.


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