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Comments (7)

1 thomas.quadflieg commented Permalink

Great feature!
Is this filter function generally available or is it specific for the "Domain View"? I'm currently thinking of grouping nodes in separate views to get a hardware view of site 1 / site 2. Would it possible with the filter function?

2 BerndJostmeyer commented Permalink

Its at least availble for domains and resources.... for nodes I have to check....

3 BerndJostmeyer commented Permalink

Thanks for asking... now it works :) - You can use preliminary data filter for nodelists as well.

4 thomas.quadflieg commented Permalink

Perfect Josi!

5 thomas.quadflieg commented Permalink

I'd be very interested in testing these new functions. Do you plan to provide a new beta code in the next weeks?

6 tomasbavington commented Permalink

This is very useful. I work for an IT recruitment company and write a lot of community items (www.vmrconsultants.com), I might have to share this information with our readers. I'll make sure to notify you and give credit if I find the time to write it!

7 BerndJostmeyer commented Permalink

Hi Thomas,
we are working hard to update our BETA drivers in the comming weeks

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