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Comments (2)

1 thomas.quadflieg commented Permalink

Hi Josi,
nice feature. I'd be happy to use this, although I see a lot of missing requirements, especially legal and security aspects, in our shop today and for the next 2-3 years. Unfortunately, these are general problems with "bring you own device" at our site...

2 nukite8d commented Permalink

my manager was kind of interested, but as we have a centrelized MonitorGUI, there is no big need in our company.
Stops/Starts are done by our operators in normal PCs/Laptops, instead of a mobile,
and for us administrors, we need to log in to the systems, when change requests or problems occure.
So, IMHO it might be neat for future releases, but right now the normal Browser support is far more important for us.

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