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Hi Josi,
great idea, you get my full support.
With this I can see, what and when an operator issued a command, rather looking into several Adapter-Logs.

In the current OpCon, an operator can choose "visible domains". Will this affect the list of global messages, so I only see my selected domains?

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Thanks Manfred for the response....
....and for the hint with visible domains. Are you using this feature heavily? I indeed forgot about this - and will make sure that when it is set, any operator only sees messages from his favourite domain.

cheers Josi.

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Hi Josi,

thanks for this feature, I like centralization.
What do you mean with "important messages of global scope"? Domain information from msgAdapter.log or also other critical events like crashed resources?
If I'm allowd a wish, is that we someday have one centralized log with ALL important messages (events and operator/admin actions of both: E2E and FLA) with a search+filter function and TEC connection ;-)

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Hi Thomas,
currently we are adding messages for
- All actions done by operators against resources/domains/nodes from the new OC
- All domain events (Domain joined, left, communication state changes)
- Domain Log requires attention
- Request events (when an operator issues a request from the command shell you see it at least after the request has been added - from the OC you also seem when it is submitted)
- Activate policy
- Change preferred member
We try to add a message whenever the health state of a domain is changing
We don not want to add messages for resource events.

We implemented a queue - so only the last 50 (default) messages are shown. FIFO for messages when queue is full.
We will NOT implement a replacement for the TEC/Omnibus. No filtering. We stay in the scope of SA.....
Cheers Josi

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Just an addition regarding searching and filtering. There is no support for filtering messages on the sending side. However, we do have the capability to search and filter the displayed messages. E.g. you can search for any string that appears in a message, you can filter by severity, etc.

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Hi Josi,
as users of the OC we have three type of operators.
1) Us Administrators, who have to see everything.
2) 1st Level Operator, we need to see almost everything, instead of the connected z/OS Domains, which are controlled via netview.
3) Last Level people, who want to see/control their "own" products. This is especially true for our development/test environments.

The 3rd group deselects all other domains to clean the GUI, and they don't want to see messages from the invisible domains, which they don't care for.
I think, its half of our users.

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Okay, that makes it clear - I will see how to implement this domain filter... - just to make sure - its still a domain - not a resource filter - right?

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Right. That's my understanding.
The Global Messages gives the domain overview. Filtering on resource level may be done with an dynamic full text search as Wolfgang mentioned.

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