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that's great. I already blocked my calendar.

Will we also see how to work in parallel with several FLA domains?
We have a approx. 100 FLA domains connected to the AppMan, so the look&feel of more than 2 domains would be interessting.
Our operators often get orders to restart some resources in different domains, which differs from order to order.

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Date blocked so far. Just a question on behalf of TK: when will we see the policy editor ( either a new one, or the old one in "new clothes" ;-) . What is here planned so far?

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Hi Axel,
The policy editor will not be part of the next Open Progam Demo Call. We have some thoughts around how to address this topic and would like to start the discussion at the next customer conference end of October in Hamburg (Herbsttagung 2013 der GSE Automation Arbeitskreise (21.-25.10.2013).


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@Manfred - We are currently setting up a demo environment with 20+ domains, so that we can show you how to work with a larger number of domains in the Open Program demo call.

Regards, Wolfgang

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