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1 gbjbacb5 commented Permalink

Is the C/C++ feature available on IBM i ? If not, are we stuck with console based C++ development. Or what about the possibility of using the AIX C++ compiler within a PASE environment on i ? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks <br /> Colin B

2 iDevGuy commented Permalink

The IBM i documentation outlines the steps for installing the C/C++ compiler from AIX on the system in PASE. It works quite well and this capability has been available for years. <div>&nbsp;</div> However, it is frustrating that the option for IBM i only seems to assume that we would want to work with just native development. The IBM i option should include real support for PASE development. The RSE connection frustratingly only supports native QSYS and non-PASE functionality and cannot be used for remote C/C++ project development in PASE. To accomplish this correctly, we would need the dstore server to properly support PASE, and the debugger engine to work in PASE. I don't see why either of these would be terribly difficult to accomplish. <div>&nbsp;</div> To make matters worse, V8 is even less compatible with PASE, as the dstore server won't work unless connected to as generic unix. <div>&nbsp;</div> Even so, only file browsing and remote shells work, but we need dstore to support processes on PASE.

3 pankajchandel commented Permalink

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4 SOL400 commented Permalink

Hi, <br /> I to am using the AIX C++ compiler 10.1 within PASE and would also like to see support within RDp. <div>&nbsp;</div> It appears that the only problem is making a connection directly to the PASE environment, BUT I guess I will not know until I can make a connection... <div>&nbsp;</div> Spencer