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1 Joydeep_B commented Permalink


Since the blog was published I have got many questions. Here are some common ones:
1) Is there any charge to student:
Mainframe ID and Learning Materials are given FREE to students via college. It is expected that the college do not charge for the same.
2) I have just graduated - Can I avail the benefits:
NO. You need to be a student. If you are currently enrolled as a student, you are eligible; else not.
3) Can I get ID directly. My college faculty is not supportive.
NO. Program is conducted via academic institutes & IDs are not provided directly to students.
4) I heard that about Remote Mentoring. How can I avail the same:
Remote Mentoring is offered to some selected institutes. If you are a student of an institute where Remote Mentoring is provided, please apply through appropriate channel. To check if your institute is in - contact your T&P.
5) How can my college be part of Remote Mentoring:
Partnership with institutes is a corporate initiative and college cannot initiate it.
6) I am not from a institute where Remote Mentoring is supported. How can I learn Mainframe
You can learn Mainframe Programming by connecting with a faculty. Faculty need to drive the program by getting enabled, getting and distributing learning materials and getting IDs for their students.
Check with this community OR connect with an experienced mainframer to volunteer and give some lectures. Connect with your alumni who are working in Mainframe and ask for giveback.

2 WDKF_Avijit_Goswami commented Permalink

Nice informative article.

3 RanjitManuel commented Permalink

Hi Joydeep,

Would want to know if college pass-outs can go for this certification outside of the offer (by paying $95) or is this certification by itself meant only for students? Thanks.

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