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Business Model Key Slot Table

Vale Proposition
Offer 1
Online sustainable environment discussion service
Online environment consultancy
Society Value – Value Proposition
“Information Design/visualization present persuasive information to promote ecological or sustainable, short-term and long-term eco-behavior”(Marcus 2010)
Customer Value – Value Proposition
Customer loyalty
High Customer satisfaction
Company Value – Value Proposition
Improve online service
Change company image
Share knowledge with world user to make creation and innovation
Communicate with potential customer
Green IT infrastructure management experience
Keep and enhance company knowledge library
Enhance internal company staff relationship
Potential Risk – Value Proposition
Unstable system environment
Value Proposition – Target Customer
More force on Green Customer
Value Proposition – Distribution Channel – Target Customer
Green ICT committee
Value Proposition – Customer Relationship – Target Customer
Website activity
VIP events with team
Partner Blog
Offline activity
Value Proposition – Revenue Model – Target Customer
More project commission
Partner Network – Value Proposition
Charity Organization
Core Capability – Value Proposition
Environment Knowledge Base
Green IT Infrastructure
Core Capability & Partner Network – Activity Configuration – Value Proposition
System Content Management
Data Service
Core Capability – Cost Structure – Value Proposition
Green infrastructure maintenance and energy cost
Team management
Marketing advertising
Profit – Value Proposition
Revenue – Cost Structures
Information Technology Management – Value Proposition
Green ICT Strategy
Knowledge Management – Value Proposition
Teece Model Strategy

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