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1 ingoa commented Permalink

There is another EIF Parameter that may be interesting to add in this discussion:

Specifies the number of events that are sent per minute. Once the adapter has recovered the lost connection, and there are events in the buffer, the events are sent at this rate per minute. The default value is 0 ; consequently all events are sent in one burst.
So once you start buffer, you may also want to be able to control how to flush the cash. I assume that this parameter is also supported ?

2 Marc Fraioli commented Permalink

Hi Ingo, since the Log File Agent handles EIF by using the EIF library included in the ITM TEMA (libkef), it honors all the standard EIF options, including BufferFlushRate. It is in fact the EIF library that checks and uses this option, not the agent proper.

3 ingoa commented Permalink

Thanks for the clarification. Always a good idea to have the TEC manuals around to understand the various EIF parameters . I believe the EIF manuals are now part of the OMNIbus documentation.

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