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1 julieb commented Permalink

I downloaded all the images but I'm not sure what to do next. VMWare doesn't recognize them and my unzip program says they're corrupt. I downloaded to Windows 7. Advice anyone?

2 MattTarnawsky commented Permalink

If you're having trouble with the download, I'll suggest a few things:

1 - Make sure you've got all parts of the zip file and that they're complete. The zip file won't extract otherwise.
2 - If one unzip tool doesn't work, it might be worth trying another one, just in case.
3 - I've seen the FTP site work much better with FTP tools rather than downloading through the browser. You may need to download again if the previous two options don't work for you.

3 julieb commented Permalink

Thanks Matt.

I was able to unzip using 7-zip.
Do I need ALL 15 files zip files? I was able to get an instance of a guest VM with just the first zip file. What's in all of them?
Finally, the document says SUSE 11 but doesn't say whether it's 32 bit or 64 bit. I went with 64 bit and changed a BIOS setting for Intel VT-x in my Lenovo w510 to get it to work.

4 julieb commented Permalink

For at least the first zip file, the WAS and WebSphere MQ licenses have expired. The MQ queue manager won't start. Can someone create a new image with new trial licenses?

5 MattTarnawsky commented Permalink

Hi Julie,

The image was designed for partners to add their own licenses. There should have been information in the attached word document explaining how to do that, but it looks like it wasn't included.
I haven't set up the licenses myself, but I'll find someone to help you directly off the forum, and I'll ask that the document gets updated to include the licensing information.

6 dnorris commented Permalink

I'm not sure if I have found old learning content but the training manuals on SlideShare do not match the set up in the VM (at least for the RIT Training Manual - still checking the others)

1. It appears the app has changed from WWTravel to VBooking, so the MQ Queue Manager and channel have had their names changed appropriately.
2. Likewise the DB2 database, user and password have changed from the manual as well. The new DB2 database is VBOOKING, and the user is vbuser. What is really annoying is that the vbuser password has been changed as well, and it's nothing I've been able to guess. To make matters worse, the DB2 Reset script in root's home dir has the password hard coded as "vbpassword" and it's not.
I finally found it buried in the tomcat setenv.sh file - I guess if you can't work out how to connect to the various parts of the system, you fail the course anyway!!! :-)

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