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1 KenToole commented Permalink

I'm not sure where to give IBM suggestions to improve RDp for RPG and the RSE editor, so I thought I would make them here. <div>&nbsp;</div> It would really be nice to be able to right click on the program name tab, ie RPGPGM.RPGLE when you are in the editor and be able to do "Debug (service entry)/Set service entry point" from there instead of having to go to the remote systems window or find the IBM i Service Entry Points Tab and set it there. I like to edit in full screen mode and that would make setting debug really easy. Another option might be to add an icon similar to the compile option for debugging RPG programs. <div>&nbsp;</div> I'd also like to suggest changing the compile icon to look at the source type and use the appropriate compile command based on the type and maybe even look in the source for NOMAIN and compile as a module with this is found. Right now, it defaults to the last way the program was compiled and the first time you compile, it sometimes is wrong, compiling an SQLRPG as regular RPG, generating many errors. <div>&nbsp;</div> Another thing, this is not really the editor issue, but an RPG issue. I also create other programs with this editor and the 80 characters per line restriction is a real pain. Would be nice to have RPG in free format be able to have lines that are much longer. I know that this would involved changing the size setup on the source member, but something to wish for. <div>&nbsp;</div> If you have any questions or comments about these suggestions, email me @