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1 bobleah commented Permalink

Another tip... which was covered in an earlier blog entry: Use your group blog to store any images that are part of your customized overview.html template.

2 jtonline commented Permalink

Great tip, thanks. I've just updated the MDM Developers group using an overview.html file and I think this is going to make it much more useful in the future. <div>&nbsp;</div> <br />

3 amidewar commented Permalink

Great! I am glad you found it useful!

4 sjpeich commented Permalink

Is there any reason why the overview.html might not display in the Overview page of a myDW group? Mine isn't displaying. I downloaded the template, filled in the body and set the height to 600. I uploaded it to my Dw blog per the instructions. If I click the link to the overview.html that confirms the upload, the page by itself works; but it won't display as the overview content of my dW group. <div>&nbsp;</div> The only thing that I can think of that's unique about my group and blog is that they are both marked "Private". Could this be the problem? I'm working on a prototype, so I don't want it or the blog to show up to others. <div>&nbsp;</div>