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1 markevans commented Permalink

As an addendum to my post yesterday. <div>&nbsp;</div> In general, if the runtime is at the latest level with the new ptf, then it will support (as well as earlier versions) clients as well. <div>&nbsp;</div> However, In one case, the catcher (ELACSV7) for remote calls from the latest PTF (UK42740) will work differently unless the client EGL java runtime is also updated to 7.5.1. <div>&nbsp;</div> In 7.1, EXTERNALLYDEFINED programs as well as EGL programs were called using CICS LINK, if parmform was COMMPTR<br /> In V 7.5.1, EXTERNALLYDEFINED programs are called using CICS LINK, and EGL programs are called using CALL when parmform=COMMPTR. (the rationale is that now any exception thrown in the called egl programs can be sent all the way to the client).<div>&nbsp;</div> To implement this, the v 7.5.1 client sends a new flag to the EGL catcher (ELACSV7) to indicate that the program being called is EXTERNALLYDEFINED. But if the client is v, no flag is sent. ELACSV7 assumes the program to be EGL by default, and so EXTERNALLY defined programs are not called with EXEC CICS LINK. The call is still successful, but it just uses a different mechanism.

2 rost commented Permalink

And what about v7.5.1.1 ?<div>&nbsp;</div> I wanted to find that information myself, but it seems that Rational COBOL Runtime Support pages have disappeared from IBM Web site ?!

3 markevans commented Permalink

I will check on the support sites. <div>&nbsp;</div> But to answer your question. The latest PTF (and that corresponds to V7.5.1.1) is <div>&nbsp;</div> v7511 PTF UK43754<div>&nbsp;</div> It can be used with all levels of V7.1.0.x as well.

4 rost commented Permalink

1. Search for UK43754 on returns no results. So, where to find this PTF ?<br /> 2. None of the links to IBM Rational COBOL Runtime that I was able to find, works.<br /> 3. If we are using WD4z v6.0.x (with EGL), on <a class="jive-link-external" href=";context=SS2QJ2&amp;uid=swg27006335">;context=SS2QJ2&amp;uid=swg27006335</a><br /> we have a table with WD4z versions and their corresponding V6 PTFs for WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer Options for z/OS and IBM Enterprise Developer Server for z/OS.<br /> It would be nice to have such a table for RBD versions and their corresponding PTFs for Rational COBOL Runtime.

5 markevans commented Permalink

Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> To answer your questions:<br /> 1.) Normally PTFs for z-based products are downloaded using IBM LINK. UK43754 will be available from there. We are also looking at putting it on a support website. <div>&nbsp;</div> 2.) Thanks for pointing out that you could not find the Rational COBOL Runtime site. Until recently it was there, but somehow it was taken offline. We are pursuing getting it back online. <div>&nbsp;</div> 3.) By posting the BLOG entry and the discussion forum entry, I thought I was putting a list of RBD levels with corresponding PTF levels so that customers could find it. I just updated the original entry. We you meaning that you want it on a support website vs this community site?

6 stlow commented Permalink

Hi Mark,<div>&nbsp;</div> In addition and answer to your item 3)<br /> It happened that I was also searching for the latest PTF level of the Rational COBOL Runtime lately. My first reflection was to search the support site of RBD and Rational COBOL runtime. I did not find it there. So my personal meaning: yes, I would like to have this information (also) on the support website because it seems to me the natural place to look.<br /> I follow up the EGL forum via RSS on <a class="jive-link-external" href=""></a> and so initially I missed this blog because it did not show up in my RSS reader. It was only by chance that I found it today. In the future I will also check the forum more directly (not only via RSS).

7 markevans commented Permalink

Thanks for the input. I agree that the Rational COBOL Runtime site is a logical place. Given we are getting the site back online, I will relay your request to the support folks who put technotes out there. <div>&nbsp;</div> I will also update the discussion forums so that hopefully you would see the RSS feed as well.

8 hrobrod2 commented Permalink

PTF UK42718 side effect:<div>&nbsp;</div> PTF links module ELARIENU with default installation data, so any customization made to<br /> ELA.ELAJCL(ELANJENU) is overwritten.<div>&nbsp;</div> In our case decimal point and decimal separator were switched back to english settings for all<br /> VAG and EGL programs.<br /> Quick submit of customized ELANJENU solved problem.<div>&nbsp;</div> It would be nice to add warning to eventual future PTF's affecting ELARIENU.

9 markevans commented Permalink

Thanks for pointing this out and sorry that it happened. I have forwarded your blog entry over to the person that builds our PTFs. She has marked this so that future PTFs will highlight this in the ++HOLD info within the PTF. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks again.

10 starki7 commented Permalink

Hi Mark,<br /> you made a typo, for V7513 it is PTF UK46879 and not PTF UK56879.<br /> Regards, Goran