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1 Michael_Quigley commented Permalink

Will, <div>&nbsp;</div> Great news! I've been convinced that EGL has a great future and greatly simplifies modern application development. I'm looking forward to a broader acceptance of it. <div>&nbsp;</div> When searching the Eclipse website for more details, the top hits still come up showing the proposal. However, I did find a page on the 'Epsilon Generation Language.' It uses the EGL acronym or label. Is the full name of the language changing? <div>&nbsp;</div> Michael

2 GB5N_Valdis_Prodnieks commented Permalink

What is the status of this project now? When are some results expected? <br /> thanks <br /> Valdis

3 will.smythe commented Permalink

Valdis - we are expecting the EGL compiler and related Java APIs to drop any day now. Once this happens, we'll post a blog.