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1 Tayfun Yurdagul commented Permalink

I did same things in docs.But When I look preview for DataViewHandler taking this message

Could not render UI
'this.grid.innerGrid' is null or not an object
CRRUI2094E Here are the EGL function calls leading to this error:
ServiceBinder.ServiceBinder.getBinding() native JavaScript
ServiceLib.ServiceLib.bindService() native JavaScript
/BudgetService/EGLSource/handlers/DataViewHandler.egl() at line 25
/ at line 27
Box.<init>() native JavaScript
/BudgetService/EGLSource/handlers/DataViewHandler.egl() at line 24
Cannot start Dojo
'this.grid.innerGrid' is null or not an object
CRRUI2095E Could not find the EGL function calls leading to this error

2 TheresaRamsey commented Permalink

Hi,<br /> Are you connected to the Internet? By default, EGL CE uses an online runtime implementation for the Dojo widgets. You can import Dojo into your local environment for developing offline. For how to do this, see this topic in the online information center: <br /> <a class="jive-link-external" href=""></a>.<div>&nbsp;</div> Hope this helps! If not, let us know. <br /> Theresa