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1 Karl_Fritz commented Permalink

Hi<br /> Great Work, but...<br /> After replacing the old PagingGrid, i miss now the numeric values in the cells of this new grid.<br /> ( CUSNO decimal(9,0) {column="CUSNO"};) DB2/400, no data displayed<div>&nbsp;</div> Have you any idea?<div>&nbsp;</div> Karl

2 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

I just displayed a record containing a Decimal(9,0 in a normal Grid and in the PagingGrid. As I expected, both show the number. <div>&nbsp;</div> Did you add a column definition to the PagingGrid to display the column?<div>&nbsp;</div> Note that the "column" annotation you placed on your record field is only used by JSF, and not by Rich UI.<div>&nbsp;</div> Chris

3 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

It's best to ask questions like you have on the forum, if they are not specific to the topic of the blog entry itself.

4 Karl_Fritz commented Permalink

Hi Chris<div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you for the reply. I think, it's a typical beginners mistake. The column definition did'nt match the record definition. (cusno/CUSNO). It's ok in this case.<div>&nbsp;</div> 2nd Question (not concerning the grid)<br /> I limited the array to 5 entries, but i got all 15 entries. What's the reason?<br /> DCUSTOMRArray DCUSTOMR[] { maxsize = 5 };<div>&nbsp;</div> Karl

5 Karl_Fritz commented Permalink

BTW. nice car <img src="!" alt="!" class="jive-image" />

6 Ortwin commented Permalink

Hi,<div>&nbsp;</div> We are trying to replace our old EGL Grid with the new PagingGrid but are missing the widget parameter in the PagingGridBehaviors.<div>&nbsp;</div> Example of function in old GridBehaviors:<br /> <pre class="jive-pre"> <code class="jive-code jive-plain"> function whiteCells(grid Grid in, td Widget in, row any in, rowNumber int in, column GridColumn in)</code> </pre> <div>&nbsp;</div> Example of function in new PagingGridBehaviors<br /> <pre class="jive-pre"> <code class="jive-code jive-plain"> function whiteCells(grid PagingGrid in, class String, value String, row any in, rowNumber int in, column GridColumn in)</code> </pre> <div>&nbsp;</div> We heavily make use of this Widget parameter.<br /> Is it possible to add this to the PagingGridBehaviors?<div>&nbsp;</div> Ortwin

7 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

Hi Ortwin,<div>&nbsp;</div> The whole idea was to avoid access to the DOM during construction of the Grid, and we found that manipulations on the cell's CSS class or the cell's value was enough to do all the behaviors we support in our existing behaviors.<div>&nbsp;</div> I am working now into adding the performance enhancements in PagingGrid into the original Grid, keeping the original API intact, and making sorting, paging, scrolling and selection be built in services. I will start a new blog entry to track that.<div>&nbsp;</div> For now, please just look at PagingGrid as an example of the good things to come soon <img class="jive-emoticon" border="0" src="" alt=":-)" /><div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Chris

8 Gadberry commented Permalink

Hey,<br /> I just switched over from the regular grid(, and my date and time fields are null with this new paging grid. Works in the other one. Date and Time are two separate columns and go into the grid as a string. Didn't know if anyone else ran into this.

9 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

What does your Record and Column definitions look like?

10 Gadberry commented Permalink

When you mentioned 'Record' ... I went back and changed it to a string. I have data now.