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1 esimone_clearblade commented Permalink

Chris,<div>&nbsp;</div> Very cool. I implemented this in addition to nested grids in the following:<div>&nbsp;</div> <a class="jive-link-external" href=""></a><div>&nbsp;</div> Can you provide any help with filtering results in a nested grid?<div>&nbsp;</div> eric

2 KrishnaGuda commented Permalink

Sharing some thoughts <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href=";subject=feature+requests">feature requests</a><div>&nbsp;</div> 1. We have multiple small RUIHandlers in one BIG RUI Handler. We get multiple Service Monitors on top of the page. <div>&nbsp;</div> 2. When we move the code from development to production, can we do something to remove Service Monitor on top automatically, as opposed to deleting/commenting a line in every handler?

3 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

1. You can declare a library to check for Singleton existence:<div>&nbsp;</div> <pre class="jive-pre"> <code class="jive-code jive-plain"> library ServiceMonitorSingleton singletonLoaded boolean;end</code> </pre> <div>&nbsp;</div> and then you can check for it inside the ServiceMonitor.start function:<div>&nbsp;</div> <pre class="jive-pre"> <code class="jive-code jive-plain"> function start() if (!ServiceMonitorSingleton.singletonLoaded) ... ServiceMonitorSingleton.singletonLoaded = true; end end</code> </pre>

4 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

2. Add a field to ServiceMonitorRuntime.egl to check and see if we are in development mode.

5 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

I updated the original ServiceMonitor and added these two feature requests.<br /> See the updated attachment.

6 nick_tn commented Permalink

Chris, <br /> i added the "monitor tools.ServiceMonitor;" as part of my declares, but when i run my application, the monitor screeen does not appear. I dont see any errors. Any suggestsions

7 nick_tn commented Permalink

more info...i do have an error message "generation terminated because the part tools.ServiceMonitor count not be found"<div>&nbsp;</div> what does that mean?

8 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

you forgot to add {} at the end of your variable declaration. Right now, you simply create a null reference.

9 nick_tn commented Permalink

ok, i added the {}, i dont get any runtime errors now, but the window does not appear. Do i need to add any js to my rui project?

10 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

No. Just import the service monitor project from the PIF, and add a dependency from your RUI project to the service monitor project.