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4) In the course exercises we always do this:<br /> handler textWidgets type RUIhandler {initialUI = <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href=";subject=+++++Box+">Box</a> ,onConstructionFunction = initialization, cssFile="css/EGLRichUI.css"}<br /> Box{children = <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href=";subject=TextLabel%2C+TextField%2C+TextField2+">TextLabel, TextField, TextField2</a> , ...};<br /> so we build our initialUI (almost) completly outside the onConstructionFunction. <br /> Wouldn't it be better to do Box.children = <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href=";subject=TextLabel%2C+TextField%2C+TextField2+">TextLabel, TextField, TextField2</a> in a seperate function invoked from inside initialization()?<br /> This would give us a function that can be used to get back the layout that was shown on the "initialUI". Or is there another way to do this?

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1. is there a way to cancel a keystroke? So, if a user enters the letter "A", the program would cancel the key stroke and the screen would show as if nothing was entered<div>&nbsp;</div> 2. window.onclose support for cleanup. When a user closes a window, I need to be able to perform a cleanup function.<div>&nbsp;</div> 3. Rui screen timeout… how to handle a timeout <div>&nbsp;</div> 4 When creating a library there’s an RichUI properties library option, what’s this?<div>&nbsp;</div> 5 In JSF we have request,session and application variables how to handle this in RichUI?<div>&nbsp;</div> 6 In Batch/JSF we have the file or the environment variables to store properties how to handle this in RichUI?<div>&nbsp;</div> 7 Are there any plans to do something with the ExtJs GWT widgets in RichUI?<div>&nbsp;</div> 8 What about support in RichUI for the DOJO widgets?<div>&nbsp;</div> 9 For the development environment, are there any plans to make the design and preview tab available for RUIWidget handlers?<div>&nbsp;</div> 10) you can set : backgroundColor = "Beige" (or even "BEIGE" if you want) without any problem but if you want to test on it afterwards you need to test against a lowercase value: if (calcButton.backgroundColor == "beige") //"Beige" fails !!!!<div>&nbsp;</div> 11) Everything happens in 1 html page. Am I correct that this means that, if I change the UI completely @runtime (maybe because of some actions the user did) and the user then refreshes his browser, he 'jumps' back to the "initialUI" layout?<br /> Is this something we can prevent? (I can imagine that the user didn’t have this in mind by refreshing)<div>&nbsp;</div> 12) I notice that some behaviours of widgets are defined as functions inside an EGL Library (like tightCells), while other behaviours are defined as RUIHandlers themselves (like GridSelector).<br /> Why is that? And why then in a RUIHandler and not in a RUIWidget like the Grid itself in the above cases?

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1. Canvas Widget - Dynamic drawing of vector/raster graphics<br /> 2. Graphs &amp; Charts<br /> 3. Other Goodies: Calendars, Spinners, Sliders, etc.<br /> 4. Sliders, Splitters &amp; Resizing (see enclosed screen shot)<br /> 5. Widget specialization (no subclassing) - issues of impact of changes, consistency and quality<br /> 6. Mixed JSF/RUI Development

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Do you have a sample that shows a grid where you can re-arrange its columsn with drag and drop…<br /> So a grid with columns A,B,C and be drag and dropped to be C,A,B for example.